Villa Backstein


My name is Frank Dittmann, I have two children, and I was born in Schwerin. After over twenty years working for the criminal police, I took a leave of absence a few years ago and now take care of a small property portfolio.

The main Villa Backstein building is on the site of an old iron foundry. Manhole and shaft covers were produced in this workshop in the 1930s. Even today, old manhole covers with the initials of the Klingelbiel foundry can still be found in and around Schwerin.

After the collapse of the Communist system, the building complex stood empty for a long time. I was able to buy the site at an auction at the end of 2008. I was inspired by chance to offer the first furnished holiday apartments for the Bundesgartenschau federal horticultural show in 2009. Nowadays, the site functions as a small community, accessed by a private cobblestone road, and features several old, renovated buildings with private houses, apartments, holiday homes and a variety of small businesses.

I look forward to your visit.

Here you can find us

Villa Backstein - Obo19

Obotritenring 19
19053 Schwerin

+49 172 / 3179796
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Clara-Zetkin Straße 30
19059 Schwerin